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The TripleWin Advisory works with businesses and organizations to implement strategic sustainability measures. The firm helps clients increase their overall business sustainability by providing strategic advice, and works with the highest levels of business to implement sustainability initiatives. These initiatives can help companies lower costs and improve operations in a variety of ways. The company has a team of experienced sustainability experts who help clients identify opportunities and develop strategic sustainability programs.

TripleWin was established in 2009 as a management consultancy, but developed NOOA four years ago when it realised customers needed new tools to cope with the digitalisation of their businesses. Today, the company primarily serves corporations in the midst of transformation. triple win launched an office in Chicago in late 2016, and has already signed its first US customers.

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TripleWin focuses on creating a culture where individuals can work together in a collaborative way and learn from each other. Its name comes from the Saturn Corporation, a subsidiary of General Motors that was formed in the mid-1980s. During the formation of the Saturn Corporation, former President Richard G. LeFauve created Saturn Consulting Services, which subsequently grew into TripleWin.